Amber Rose caught Wiz Khalifa cheating

 They announced their divorce last week and it seems increasingly unlikely that the split between Amber Rose and Wiz Khalifa will be an amicable one.

The formerly loved-up couple, who have a one-year-old-son, have been taking pot shots at each other since news of their separation became public.

And now, it is being reported that the cropped-haired model filed divorce papers the day after she discovered the rapper with another woman at 2am, according to TMZ.

The curvaceous 30-year-old allegedly made the shock discovery when she arrived unannounced at the home Wiz had recently moved in to following the breakdown of their marriage.

The showbiz website, citing sources close to the Black And Yellow star, said he made it perfectly clear to his wife that the marriage was dead two weeks prior – and refutes claims he was cheating.

Sources told the website that Wiz said: ‘I just didn’t want to be married to her anymore,’

Apparently there was also tension between the pair because Wiz refused to allow his wife to accompany him on his Under The Influence tour.

Both sides have accused each other of cheating and both have denied messing around outside of their short lived marriage.

In the divorce papers filed by both parties this week, Amber has requested full custody. Wiz countered that with a request for joint custody of the little boy.

TMZ state that Amber could be in line for a $1 million settlement plus upwards of $5,000 a month as part of an eight page prenuptial agreement.

Source: Dailymail

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