International Netball Federation Suspends Ghana

Ghana has been suspended from the International Netball Federation (INF) for non-payment of affiliation fees.

The Netball Association of Ghana (NAG), has over the past five years failed to pay annual affiliation fee of 400 Pounds Sterling per year, totalling

Rev. E.D. Nii Koi, President of the NAG of Ghana disclosed this to the Justice Senyo Dzamefe Presidential Commission of Inquiry.

According to Rev. Niikoi, Ghana’s indebtedness has contributed to the suspension, adding that, they have been banned from participation in international competitions as well.

Rev. Niikoi, said, until Ghana fulfil the payment of the outstanding debts it will be unable to compete in Commonwealth and World Championships.

He said the situation has contributed to the gradual collapse of the sport in Ghana.

He said, Netball which was a popular sport in Ghana was dying slowly due to lack of facilities and technical personnel.

Rev. Niikoi, said most of their coaches are not highly ranked due to inadequate funding to take them training programmes.

The Netball president called on the commission to recommend the revival of the sport in their final report.

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