2% Fuel Reduction: Shameful & Ridiculous

The Alliance for Accountable Governance (AFAG) is extremely disappointed in Government and for that matter the National Petroleum Authority (NPA) for showing such insensitivity towards the Ghanaian.

Following AFAG’s call on Government last week to reduce fuel prices, Ghanaians were expecting a drastic reduction in fuel prices considering that, the international price of crude oil had declined from $109 per barrel to $81 per barrel. Hence the 2% reduction in fuel prices by the NPA comes as a huge surprise to AFAG and the majority suffering class. This reduction is ridiculous, insignificant, needless and best to have remained unchanged. The reduction only confirms to AFAG that, the NDC is ripping off Ghanaians hence this thoughtless knee jerk response.

AFAG will like to make it clear to the minister of energy that, Ghanaians are not responsible for the incompetence, corrupt and ill decisions of his government. The NDC government prefers to run down TOR (an agency which refined crude at all time high of $140 per barrel in 2008 and sold it ex pump at 3.50p per gallon) to using bulk distribution companies (BDCs) who import fuel to see at higher prices. No wonder at an international oil price of $81 it’s being sold at 15ghs though the dollar is claimed to be falling against the cedi.

Mr. Minister, who owns the BDC; VIHAMA? This agency barely 4 years old is leading in the lifting of petrol and petroleum related product in Ghana. During the recent fuel shortages, it was owed over $100 million. Who in this country owns it? If your decision is to run down TOR to keep our taxpayers money to pursue the selfish goal of a few, how on earth do you inflict terrifying hardship on Ghanaians?

“We no go sit down make u cheat us everyday”.

Mr. Minister, we now understand why you will not reduce fuel prices. In your thinking, you must keep the money to pay the debt owed to your paymasters. Go ahead and rip Ghanaians off. Lets get worst, and you live on well with your allies!!!

Fellow Ghanaians, certainly, this NDC government mean no well to Ghanaians. In this regard, we urge you to come out massively on the 4th of November to join AFAG for its mass action on the 4th of November.

Henry Haruna Asante
Davis Opoku Ansah
Nana Ayew Afriyie
Wesley Owusu
James Apeitu Ankrah

Source: AFAG



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